Man who allegedly threatened Royal Oak police on Snapchat charged

Suspect held on $25,000 bond

ROYAL Oak, Mich. – local 4 has obtained Snapchat video of a person threatening police, fire and emergency medical services in Royal Oak. He thought the video and his threats would disappear, however police found the video and him.

“Watch the news, watch the news, y’all! I’m getting ready to blow, I’m getting ready to shoot at the police y’all, I’m on the point to shoot at them. Roll the window down, roll the window down!” the person can be detected saying within the Snapchat video.

While police, fire and EMS were working a crash scene on Greenfield and Normandy, prosecutors say 29-year-old Martin Gissental had a driver circle the primary responders whereas threatening to shoot them – posting the threats on Snapchat.

“For real. They assume I’m playing? Circle the corner, circle the corner,” Gissental said within the video.

The threats were made March 16. Police were alerted of the threats. Snapchat videos disappear – however we’re told Royal Oak police investigators took months tracking the video down, and identifying Gissental as the man flashing the gun that’s not registered to him.

Gissental was arrested Friday and charged this weekend with the following: creating a false terroristic threat carrying a concealed weapon.
Police nationwide say they’re looking at social media and take any threat made against them seriously. Gissental is being held Sunday night on a $25,000 bond.

This case is almost similar to a case in Chicago earlier this year in which a person was charged with threatening to kill a police public official on a Facebook live feed.

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