Get Instagram Followers Fast Without Following

Instagram is an application for all Smartphones, which allows the users to share and upload photos. To get instagram followers without following, below are certain steps;

Link your facebook account: This is the best method to increase your followers. When you connect your both accounts, your friends on facebook will notice your activity on instagram.

Tags: Use popular tags while uploading photos on instagram like #love, #instagood, #cute, #summer, #beautiful, #girl, #me, #paris, #lady etc.  People over instagram favour certain popular tags over others.

Filters: Another way to increase your followers is to use popular filters like normal, early bird, rise, lomo-fi etc. This is another way to get instagram followers fast without following.

Selective: Use only selected images for upload as users are only interested in valuable stuffs and nobody like detailed photo as what you had in your lunch.

Hashtags: Use hashtags while uploading your photos, as if you take a picture of Mount Everest, use “#mountain” or “#mounteverest” in the description so that anyone looking for looking for pictures of mountain may look at your picture. People are interested in places they have visited or which are more famous.

Geotagging: Always geotag your photos as people are interested in pictures from the locations they know.

Profile: Always make your profile public if you want to increase the followers.

Time of uploading: Followers depend on timing of posting the pictures. Research shows that the best time for posting a photo is Monday at 5 pm GMT as during this time one will get the most likes and comments on the photos. This will get instagram followers fast without following.

Combining the image: If you want to increase the followers, you have to take multiple images and combine it into one image. This increase the interest of the users.

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